tlhIngan Hol



  1. (TKD 109,130)
    • tera'vo' Qo'noS vIchegh
    (I return to Kronos from Earth. - st.klingon 7/99)
    • TM, (R) (c) je tera' DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-loS Paramount Pictures.
    (TM, (R) c.1994 Paramount Pictures. - Skybox Copyright)
    • tera' poH jaj wa', jar wa', jaj loSDIch, DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-chorgh: HovpoHvetlh latlh nab yIHutlh
    (Save this Stardate: Sunday, January 4, 1998. - STX)
    • tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH loS bIyIn jeSlaHpa' Hoch
    (Be the first to journey to the 24th century. - STX)

rar mu'meyvam

  1. REDIRECT chen'ay':klingonencyclopedia



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