• naDev vay' DaSov'a'.
(Do you know anyone here? - CK)
  • ghobe'. naDev vay' vISovbe'.
(No. I don't know anyone here. - CK)
  • naDevvo' jIleghlaHchu'be'.
(I can't see well from here. - CK)


  • naDev cha'maH cha' joQDu' tu'lu'
(There are twenty­two ribs here. - idiom, meaning There is something out of the ordinary going on, even if no can say exactly what. - KGT 126,127)


  • naDev vIDab
(I live here. - NEWS)


  • naDev bIHtaH. cha'SaD DeQ. tugh.
(here they are. Two thousand credits. Hurry up! - PK)
  • lutlhob; <<naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'.>>
(They ask him: <<Can we get to the Great Hall from here?>> - PK)
  • naDev ghoS.
(Come here! - clipped, PK)
  • naDev Dochvetlh qem.
(Bring that here! - clipped, PK)
  • naDev Dochvetlh qemqu'.
(I really mean it this time, bring that here! - clipped, PK)
  • naDev juHlIjDaq cha'logh vISopneSchugh, vaj jIquv. jIghungqu'.
(It would be an honor to eat twice, here at your house, your honor. I am very hungry. - PK)


  • meH, naDev qaS wanI' ramqu'
(Bridge, nothing happening here. - ST3)


  • naDev puqpu' tu'lu'
(There are children around here.; Someone/something finds children here. - TKD 39)
  • naDev tlhInganpu' tu'lu'
(There are Klingons around here. - TKD 171)
  • naDev qaS wanI' ramqu'
(There's nothing happening here. - TKD 171)
  • jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbe'
  1. (I'm lost. lit. I don't know the area around here that I'm at. - TKD 172, pabbe'.)
  • naDevvo' yIghoS
(Go away! - TKD 172)

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