tlhIngan Hol

/moʤ/ 


Segh:tlhIngan Hol wotmey


  1. (TKD 95,121)



  • yaS vImojpu'
(I became an officer. - TKD 22)
  • yaS DImojpu'
(We became officers. - TKD 22)
  • yaS mojpu'
(He/she became an officer.; They became officers. - TKD 22)
  • DIHIvbe'ch[ugh] qo'chajDaq toy'wI''a' DImoj
(Attack or be slaves in their world. - ST6)
  • bogh tlhInganpu', SuvwI'pu' moj, Hegh
(Klingons are born, live as warriors, then die. - TKW 5)
  • wa' jaj 'etlh 'uchchoHlaH tlhIngan puqloD; jajvetlh loD nen moj
(The son of a Klingon is a man the day he can first hold a blade. - TKW 177)
  • yejquv DevwI' moj ghawran 'e' wuqta' cho' 'oDwI' Dapu'bogh janluq pIqarD HoD
(Gowron... named leader of the High Council by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was acting as Arbiter of Succession. - S25)

mu'meyvam yIlegh je

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