tlhIngan Hol

yo' / Fleet
tlhIngan Hol / Klingon English
'aj Admiral
totlh Commodore
HoD Captain
la' Commander
Sogh Lieutenant
lagh Ensign
ne' yeoman
beq Crewman


Segh:tlhIngan Hol DIpmey

la'  (la'pu' law')

  1. (TKD 92,125)
    • Qugh la'
    (Commander Kruge - KGT 41)
    • qeng la'
    (Commander Kang - KGT 52)
    • yaS wa'DIch ghaH qImlaq la''e'
    (Commander K'mlak is first officer. - KGT 53)

mu'meyvam yIlegh je



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