tlhIngan Hol


ja' + -chuq


Segh:tlhIngan Hol wotmey


  1. (TKD 90,125,129)
    • ja'chuqmeH rojHom neH jaghla'
    (The enemy commander wishes a truce (in order) to confer. - TKD 64)
    • maja'chuqjaj.
    (May we talk?; Can we talk? - PK)
    • De' pegh vIghaj. lI', 'e' Datu'. 'uQ vISoppu'DI' maja'chuq.
    (I have secret information, you will find it useful. We will talk, after dinner. - PK)


In a compound sentence, with verbs of saying (say, tell, ask, etc.), the pronouns 'e' and net are not used. The two phrases simply follow one another, in either order (see the sentences for examples). An aspect marker (such as -pu') may be attached to the verb of saying, regardless of whether it is the first or second verb. (TKD 67)

mu'meyvam yIlegh je


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