Memory Alpha-Daq captain yIlegh

Segh:Memory Alpha

Memory Beta-Daq captain yIlegh

Segh:Memory Beta

DIvI' Hol

mangghom / Army
tlhIngan Hol / Klingon English
Sa' General
'ech Brigadier
HoD Captain
Sogh Lieutenant
bu' Sergeant
Da' Corporal
mang Soldier
mangHom Cadet
yo' / Fleet
tlhIngan Hol / Klingon English
'aj Admiral
totlh Commodore
HoD Captain
la' Commander
Sogh Lieutenant
lagh Ensign
ne' yeoman
beq Crewman


  • IPA: /ˈkæp.tɪn/


captain  (captains law')

  1. (TKD 88,123) HoD

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