tlhIngan Hol



  1. (TKD 103,128)
    • noH QapmeH wo' Qaw'lu'chugh yay chavbe'lu' 'ej wo' choqmeH may' DoHlu'chugh lujbe'lu'.
    (Destroying an empire to win a war is no victory, and ending a battle to save an empire is no defeat. - TKW 211)
    • nuQaw'laH
    (He/she can destroy us. - TKD 39)
    • Qaw''eghpu'
    (He/she destroyed himself/herself. - TKD 45)
    • nuQaw'qu'be'
    (They have not finished us off. - TKD 48)

mu'meyvam yIlegh je


This is wrongly listed as a noun in the K-E and E-K sections of TKD. However it is correctly described as a verb on TKD p.49, and is used as a verb.


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