tlhIngan Hol

/xoʧ/ 


Segh:tlhIngan Hol DIpmey

Hoch (toghlaHbe' )

  1. (TKD 88,119,131) (HQ 5:2 p11)


  • Used without a noun, it means everyone, everybody or everything:
    Suv Hoch - everyone fights; everybody fights; they all fight; all of them fight
  • If it precedes a plural noun it means all:
    Hoch puqpu' - all children; all the children; all of the children
  • If it precedes a singular noun it means each or every.
    Hoch puq - each child; every child
    Hoch jaj - each day; every day
  • If it follows a noun it means all of or the whole of
    nIn Hoch - all of the fuel
    jaj Hoch - all day; the whole day

rar mu'meyvam


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