DIvI' Hol



In Season 10, Episode 10.06, "Star Mitzvah", there is Klingon provided by Marc Okrand.

The English version:

"My dearest son, each day you redeem me. May your journey be filled with the same joy, wisdom, and purpose you have given mine."

The Klingon translation is:

"puqloDwI' le'qu': Hoch jaj choquvmoH. lenglIj lutebjaj lengwIjvaD bel rap, Sov rap, ngoQ rap je Danobpu'bogh." (The words in bold were not spoken in the show.)

A phonetic version of what was spoken on the show:

"Pookh lod wih le koo. Hach jahj cho-koov-moakh leng-lidge loo-Teb-jahj leng widge-vahd bel rahp shoave dah-nobe-poo-boagh."

A literal translation is:

"My very special son: Every day you honour me. May the same pleasure, the same knowledge and the same goal which you have given to my journey fill your journey."

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