tlhIngan Hol

mI' mojaq

Segh:mI' mojaqmey


  1. (TKD 53 ,106,157)
    • wa'SanID
    (1,000; one thousand - TKD 53)
    • cha'SanID
    (2,000; two thousands - TKD 53)
    • vaghSanID wejvatlh loSmaH Soch
    (5,347 - TKD 54)
    • vagh SanID ben buDbe' wamwI'pu'
    (5,000 years ago, hunters were not lazy. - st.k 11/99)


SaD and SanID are identical in meaning. They are described in TKD as "special number-forming elements", that is suffixes. However it seems possible to use them own their own.

tlhIngan Hol / Klingon mI' DIvI' Hol / English
-maH 10 ten
-vatlh 100 hundred
-SaD / -SanID 1,000 thousand
-netlh 10,000 ten thousand
-bIp 100,000 hundred thousand
-'uy' 1,000,000 million

tlhoS rap mu'meyvam


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