tlhIngan Hol

/ʔojʔ/ 


Segh:tlhIngan Hol DIpmey

'oy'  ('oy'mey law')

  1. (TKD 117,118,145,154,137)
    • yIn DayajmeH 'oy' yISIQ.
    (To understand life, endure pain. - TKW 43)
    • 'oy' DaSIQjaj.
    (May you endure the pain. - PK)

rar mu'meyvam



Segh:tlhIngan Hol wotmey


  1. (TKD 117,119,137,154)
    • loQ 'oy'DI' SuvwI' bepbe'.
    (A warrior does not complain about physical discomfort. lit. When a warrior aches slightly he does not complain. - TKW 46)
    • 'oy'be'lu'chugh Qapbe'lu'.
    (No pain, no gain. lit. If it does not hurt, somebody cannot succeed. - TKW 175)
    • bImoH. 'oy' mInDu'wIj.
    (You're ugly. My eyes ache. - KGT 20)
    • 'oy'qu' Qay'wI'wIj
    (My little toe aches a lot. idiom meaning I'm (extremely) angry. - HQ 10.2)

mu'meyvam yIlegh je


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